Fabrice BOUGON - Cost estimating and budget control

14, Rue Sthrau F-75013 PARIS

Telephone +331 44 06 00 65

Fax +331 44 06 00 66

N° SIRET 414 630 798 00034 APE 7490A

E-mail : agence@fabricebougon.eu

Owners and architects expect quality work from costs estimators/budget controllers, relying on their technical knowledge and command of construction costs, as well as their familiarity with the administrative procedures associated with drawing up contracts for works in both the private and public sector.

They also expect efficient management of contractors’ accounts during the construction phase.

Fabrice bougon, a cost estimator/budget controller qualified by the official OPQTECC (professional cost control organization), ensures cost control and the design studies for finishes during all stages of project design and construction.

Member of the "Union Nationale des Technicien en Economie de la Construction" (UNTEC)

Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Based in Paris our agency is installed in a space of 350 m², and is arranged and structured to treat operations of all sizes and typologies, of and any level of complexity, where the programmatic themes and issues sciences and/or techniques require a certain “know-how”.

We are equipped with average powerful materials and have tools of communication with the point of the innovations.

Our team of engineers economists of construction with human dimension has a solid experiment, and mobilizes her energy for together produce buildings of quality.